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Vintage Style: How to Use Old Décor in a New Way

Whether you want to save some money on second-hand décor items or truly love vintage style, fitting old design elements into an up-to-date home can be a challenge. You do not want it to look like a flea market or thrift shop in every room, but you want to stay away from anything too modern or flashy as well.

If choosing vintage furniture pieces, keep it limited to one or two accent items instead of filling every room in the house with old-fashioned tables, chairs and cabinets. An eclectic mix can give a very interesting look to a modern home without making it look like it stepped out of another decade. Some options for vintage furniture include patterned 1960s fabric to cover a couch, shabby chic and tables in distressed white paint or a rustic butcher block table complete with burn marks and scars.

Some vintage furniture can be had for a very low price at a local thrift store or yard sale, but other pieces may be quite expensive if they are part of a designer collection or frequently sought after by decorators.

If you want to save money on vintage decor, forget the large pieces and just purchase lamps, vases and plant pots, knickknacks and statuary and soft goods like curtains, pillows and rugs. Other great options include old pieces of stacked luggage for extra storage, old brand-specific bottles to hold flowers or candles and rustic items like barrels, wooden or metal signs and vintage textiles made into pillow covers and tablecloths.

It is becoming more acceptable to mix currently available furniture in wood, metal and glass with old vintage pieces. It grounds the room with a sense of history and nostalgia without losing the fresh feel of clean modernism. Everyone can be comfortable in such a room.

One of the most stylish ways to use vintage decor is to mix it together with more modern pieces or design aesthetics. For example, if a shabby chic table would have formerly be kept in a pale blue room with silver light fixtures and soft lace accents, it could now find a home between dark brown leather chairs arranged artfully before a deep red accent wall with a large silver mirror hung on it.

This mixes the old with the new in an unexpected way and is the perfect answer for people who love vintage style but still want to use current pieces.

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