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Turning The Ordinary Into Extraordinary Home Decorations

Decorating your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune and can be quite enjoyable. Incorporating items that you already have or that you pick up at yard sales and thrift shops can turn into a fun and creative projects. Items that are re-purposed or retouched not only give originality but reflect your personality. Reusing vintage pieces is also a hot design trend. Some ideas for using items and techniques that will add style and flair are:

  1. Recover old couches and chairs with fresh new fabrics.

That thrift store chair can get a major facelift when you recover it with a stylish new fabric. Even old furniture that you have had for years can look like brand new with the right material selection.

  1. Paint one wall of your living space an accent color.

If you have your whole area painted a neutral color, then consider painting one of smaller walls an accent color. This tactic will give your living space dimension and texture. This color scheme can break up a boring color scheme and add appeal. This idea can also work well with larger bathrooms.

  1. Find a colorful accent rug at your local thrift store.

An eye-catching area rug can add a special warm touch to a boring room. This works well if you have either hardwood floors or neutral colored carpet. The addition of the rug to the room will add a touch of personality and make the room appear larger.

  1. Use vintage lighting for an eye-catching accent.

Vintage lighting makes for an unexpected design element. Antique lamps have a refined quality that never goes out of style. This can be a way to draw attention to a particular part of the room to balance out furniture placement.

  1. Bold colored glass vases add lots of style for a small price.

If you venture out to a local antique store or thrift store, you will most likely find a great selection of glass vases. Most of these vases can be bought for a fraction of their original price and are a fun way to add color and style to an area of your home.


 Just a few small changes here and there can really have an impact on the overall design of your home. You don’t have to spend a fortune to create a fresh and fun design. With a few creative ideas and little, bit of spare time, you can decorate your home to give it new life and a comfortable style.

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