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3 Popular Bathroom Decorating Styles to Consider

Although it is quite acceptable to choose any decorating theme for your bathroom, there are three that have stood the test of time when it comes to popularity and pure style. They lend themselves well to small spaces and the type of clean and fresh feeling you want in this room of the house. They promote relaxation is and refreshment that helps you to feel your best before heading off to work or while relaxing at the end of a long day. If you have a bathroom to decorate, you might like to consider one of these attractive decorating looks.

Beach and Ocean Bathroom Decorating Style

Beach and ocean themes have long been popular for bathroom designs. Many people find the beach and ocean relaxing but they also give a sense of freshness and revitalization to the room. Consider painting the walls pale aqua or a deep ocean blue. With white fixtures and accents such as shells, frosted glass and fish motifs, you have a cohesive and interesting look.

Tropical and nautical styles are also great for bathrooms. Some people focus on colorful tropical fish and tiles that look like sea turtle shells. Others prefer rope tiebacks on the curtains, anchors hung on the wall and plenty of navy blue and white with red accents.

Zen Spa Bathroom Decorating Style

For total relaxation, nothing can beat a Zen spa feel for your bathroom. These designs focus on white and warm neutral tones for most of the surfaces. Soft, muted tones like sage green and soft gold may also be used. The goal of this decorating style is to interview a complete sense of relaxation and peace to the room. Baskets of rolled towels, potted plants and plenty of candles are often found in these spa-like surroundings.

Pure Luxury and Elegance Bathroom Decorating Style

Even without a very large bathroom, you can still design for ultimate in luxury and elegance. Choose gold fixtures and rich materials like marble and dark wood to create a rich backdrop for all the elegant decorations you add. Glass vases, shining candelabra and unique art pieces can be added to give a luxurious appearance. While fluffy towels certainly add to the feeling of luxury, they should not be displayed as part of the decorating scheme.

No matter what decorating style you choose for your bathroom, it should coincide somewhat with the design of the rest of the house. This does not mean you need everything to match. However, if you have a rustic living room and a country kitchen, suddenly walking into a bathroom filled with tropical fish and shells will feel odd. Choose your favorite design and then blend it in with the overall look and feel of your home.

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