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Living in Small Spaces

The decoration is a secret, spontaneity. The formation of an area is nothing more than an exciting matching game. As mentioned by Martino Zanotta (CEOs of major Italian company) “the design, not a luxury but a way of life.” So it can design your space with the help of an expert is not a luxury, but it can help you cope more properly weaknesses, evaluate its needs and to prioritize.

The sweet autumn atmosphere inspires us a renewed setting with soft colors and shades of gray, with white flashes and shadows that offer tranquility and elegance to any decor. The ideal place to start the renewal is the sitting-room, since it is the place that most people use when they want to relax or to welcome the world, especially now that the holidays are approaching.

Living in Small SpacesIn order to facilitate, you must first capture the needs that exist for the site and then to prioritize. To do this properly you need to consider the configuration of the whole house. In small places, many times and uniform, such as kitchen, living room, needs created are completely different from those that exist when the site is isolated. Start as having authority to leave out of your space anything superfluous and settle yourself comfortable in an environment that has its own seal.

Do not fill your space with unnecessary decorations or furniture, which are of no use and simply charged the space. For example, in a space that the kitchen and the living room is not put single and dining table in the kitchen! Better to take a small but opening the dining room and use it daily but when you want to make a table.

The key to decorating is combinations

The combination of styles from different centuries, philosophers, art, adds new creativity and passion in your area.
Fashion dictates a return to nature! The patterns of nature, branches, leaves, natural logs reflected both in the design of furniture and fabrics. Dare to use them to decorate your space!
Get the elegance and refined behavior of gray of beige, white and beige. Add around their metallic shades or warm shades of wood, renewing your space with chic ways.
Remember that admixing of tonal gradations of a color always yield spectacular results. You can enrich it with disparate materials and fabrics with different textures. Combine wood with metal, leather with wool, even with cotton velvet. Paint your living room with shades of gray iete warmer or cooler (do not forget that a color alone is never cold, but it depends on the tone you choose, for example if you have in red or black, this makes hot or cold). The shades of color that show both your space bigger but also combine very nicely with the wood or the laminate.

Living in Small Spaces Advice

Get every wall

The plaster constructions can transform a wall very easily, quickly and economically, compared with a modular or a library. Such a construction enables you accordingly to the scheme will have to “accommodate” many items. Moreover, it can be painted in that color you desire, get dressed with wallpaper or digital printing, as well as to illuminate, which will reduce the volume of construction.

Invest in polymorphic objects

You can choose to build a polymorphic object, for example you can create a composition refers to a ladder. With this bracket height, some components will operate as a storage space (drawers) and other like shelves. You can also create an manufacture sofa buffet, a piece of furniture that the back will be taller and have cupboards. Just ahead there may be a wooden base that works as a storage room with cushions on the back and base. With this versatile item from a can mentally separate the sitting room with the dining room or the kitchen. At the same time, you get an extra storage space.

Make old furniture correctly

Use old furniture like an old wardrobe or an old buffet as a sofa. You can reduce the height, to rub them and make them change color. Put cushions on them so they would echeteena new furniture, recycling your old and giving it a new use!

Dress up your floor

A very nice, fast and economical solution is to dress your living room with laminate flooring. This floor refers to wood, commercially available in different textures and colors. The space is much higher, since the floor has no associations, whilst not destroying the existing one, having placed clip above it and can be removed at any time!

Brighten up your space

The lighting should be the Heed! Is he actually brings a space. To have a more “scenography” atmosphere in your place, you should locate and floor and table lamps in various places to highlight or languished a region depending on the occasion. Choose fixtures that really help in proper room lighting and remember that the design should not be stealing the lead from light.

Combine with boldness

It is very nice discreet monochrome to the “break” with a bit eccentric with linens, combining disparate elements that blend expressive and harmony in every space. Choose a wallpaper to coat a wall with bright color and place furniture in front of a pale hue to make contrast. Top couch place a large monochrome and combine Throw pillows with different sizes, colors and linens!

The area should always have your seal to feeling good living at it. Renewing a space, and certainly refresh your mood! The changes should not be adding more stress, it is best to do gradually and to rejoice, not to weigh you down! Besides, the most appropriate time to change one’s site is when they found the balance ….

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