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Lighting Ideas for Every Room

Everyone loves brightly lit rooms that invite you in and let you look around at the interesting decor. While most people agree that natural light is best, it is impossible to have large windows in every room of the house and, of course, you also need a light in the evening and at night. Choosing the right lamps or other lighting options for each room in the house provides not only sufficient illumination but also a wonderful opportunity to include your personal sense of style in the decorating scheme.

Great Lighting for Kitchens and Dining Rooms

While the food preparation area requires spot lighting and overall area lighting so you can easily cook meals and clean up, the area over the kitchen island and the in table and chairs can have additional lighting options. This is also true of formal dining rooms with a central table surrounded by chairs for family or guests.

Hanging lights or chandeliers are most frequently used over kitchen islands, tables and in the dining room. These provide sufficient illumination without getting in the way of people dining there. You can find any style of hanging light from delicate crystal and silver chandeliers to rustic wagon wheel lights with candle-shaped bulbs. A currently popular look is clusters of colored or uniquely shaped glass globes.

Soft Lighting for Bedrooms

If a bedroom has a hanging light fixture, it may frequently be a ceiling fan or one that fits more closely against the ceiling instead of dangling down a foot. People do not want to hit their head on the lights when getting in and out of bed or walking across to the bathroom.

Matching lamps on the bed stands are a classy look that is also very utilitarian because it allows each sleeper to control their own light levels. Wall lamps are also popular options for bedrooms of any type. No matter what shape or material they come in, from squat jar lamps with fabric shades to tall glass columns with metal lattice hiding the bulb, most bedroom lighting is relatively soft and subdued to increase relaxation.

Living Room and Den Lighting

Table lamps are also popular in the living room, especially if you have a traditional sofa flanked by end tables. A short lamp could also sit on a sidebar or desk in the room. If a hanging light is used, it usually requires a cathedral ceiling to keep the traffic area open.

Torchieres or floor lamps offer perfect lighting and decorative style for living rooms because they can be tucked out of the way around other furniture. They provide a warm glow pointed toward the ceiling, which helps expand their illuminative properties as the light is reflected off that surface.

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