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Let Yourself Shine Through Your Home Decor

One of the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of owning your own home is being able to decorate it with your own style and taste. Above all things, your home should be a reflection of you – the kind of person you are, the atmosphere you want to create, etc. Whether you prefer modern, rustic, and traditional or a combination of different things, there are innumerable home decorating ideas out there to help you make your house a home.

In order to begin personalizing your space, it is important to answer a few questions first. Think about your personality. How would you describe yourself? Energetic? Happy? Laid back? Quirky? Take cues from your own temperament to create a space that reflects who you are. Choose a paint color to set the tone – brighter colors for more energy, softer colors for a more peaceful, calming effect. Remember, paint is your foundation, so you will be building on whatever color you choose. If you are unsure, go with a neutral color. You can always add pops of color with furniture or other accessories later.


Speaking of furniture, this is the next step in creating your unique look. In choosing your furniture pieces, it’s important to consider the function of the room. Are you looking for plush and comfortable for watching TV? Sleek and minimal for entertaining? Basic and safe for your twin toddlers? Once this question is answered, you can pinpoint the kind of furniture you want. Don’t think that function negates style, however. Even if you feel restricted to a certain kind of furniture, you still have choices in terms of color and accessories to make it your own.

And now comes the fun part – accessories! There are literally endless options here and you will probably find you can be the most personal through these little touches that you add here and there. Fun pillows, a luxurious rug or an eclectic lamp can show off sides of your personality without overwhelming a room. And don’t forget pictures – both artistic and personal photos. Nothing makes a place more like home than seeing the faces of those you love when you enter a room. Consider placement of mementos as well – reminders of places you’ve been and things you’ve done or seen – it all makes you who you are.

Although you may wonder where to begin in decorating your home, you can find focus and meaning by taking a look at who you are and what matters to you. Make your home an extension of your personality and lifestyle. Use these home decorating ideas to create a space that’s warm and inviting and totally you. Welcome home!

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