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How To Make A Small Kitchen Expandable

If you happen to be the owners of a small kitchen, do not hurry to get upset. Believe me, even a small room can be used as profitable if you approach the matter with the mind and unleash the imagination.

So, we have in stock only a few square meters, of which you want to create a place for cooking and eating, as well as the placement of kitchen utensils. To create culinary masterpieces require less space. It is much more difficult to find room for the family in the kitchen for the absorption of food. All further steps will depend on the number of people using the kitchen.

How To Make A Small Kitchen ExpandableIf the family – it’s two people with no children, the dining table can replace a small folding table that is attached to the free wall. Any man, trying and searching scheme will be able to do it myself.

But, alas, this option does not suit everyone. Sometimes the kitchen is too small will be able to arrange a table at which barely fit a pair of cymbals. And what about the guests and friends? Everything in the kitchen is not accommodate.

We decided that the cooking space you need less. But every woman is the “smaller” of their own. Someone enough plates and food processor, and someone will not step without a blender, microwave oven, mixer, oven and dishwasher , and many other wonders of technology. Do not forget about conservation, which is nowhere to place before winter. All this has a right to a place in the kitchen.

Take the following steps:

  • The purchase of household appliances, pay attention to the model of “two, three in one.” For example, the author has recently purchased a microwave “4 in 1”. We will not say how much space so you can save money – it’s obvious.
  • Do not keep the kitchen appliances, which practically do not use. Without which you can not do?
  • Choose high-in models, such as cabinets, cupboards. So you get few extra centimeters.
  • Purchase a rack for fruit and vegetables. Do not have to rush to pack, looking for a place for them.

Some secrets for increasing the visual space.

  • A corner table.
  • Bar is a favorite place for food and cocktails.
  • A bright windowsill on which to put the dishes and stuff.
  • Semi-bright surface of the furniture will create the illusion of lightness, airiness.
  • A lot of light from the windows of the room will increase.
  • Furniture for the kitchen to be able to resolve your situation with a small area.

Complete list of their observations and enjoy the result – obscenely large kitchen!

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