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How To Decorate a Living Room

It is time to pay attention to the room in which fun, read, relax and spend time with family and friends. This is the living room, is the busiest room in any home. And, keeping only 5 basic rules, you can easily change it.

Purpose of the Room

The first step is to carefully examine the space and clearly define its primary purpose. If the room is small, perhaps, it will be sufficient to establish a small comfortable sofa and coffee table. If the room is large, but also frequently hosts, you should not choose a large sofa. The spacious room is needed mid-size sofa and a couple of free-standing chairs, maybe even wood.

How To Decorate a Living Room

In addition to such destinations worth thinking about a single place to store things. Although the living room should not serve for this purpose, but the beautiful bookshelves very likely to need. The main take into account when choosing their combination with other furniture.

The color scheme

Proper selection of interior colors can expand or reduce the room, to make it a comfortable and relaxed, or, conversely, bright and lively.

Classic for the living room are all shades of gray with a variety of accent colors, such as yellow or red. But a combination of other, more eye-catching colors can look just fine.

Identify the main color of the interior curtains help. They should be selected depending on the size of windows and the intensity of natural light. But, do not forget about the effect that you want to achieve. In small rooms usually used lightweight translucent fabric that visually enhance the space. Blackout curtains create an atmosphere of intimacy and closeness.

The combination of old and new

Should not completely update the furniture. Sometimes, the perfect combination of the sofa, coffee table and other decorative elements can be achieved by leaving something old and correctly picked up a few new, modern things.

How To Decorate a Living Room

To find vintage pieces of furniture have to be patient and visit a very large number of stores and online sites. But the result will be worth all the effort.

Do not be afraid of different patterns, a combination of wood, metal and glass, a variety of textures and finishes to decorate the living room. If everything is tasteful and moderately, the living room will look just fine!

Do not forget about the decor

For some, the decor in any room is simply unacceptable. It seems that this creates extra clutter, and the room looks cluttered. However, the decor – a very important part of the design living room. And again, you need to consider the size of the room.

How To Decorate a Living Room

Natural, natural elements, such as living room plants and wooden ornaments look good in any room. To expand the space is better to choose one or two flowers in a neutral color pots. Large plants, though, and make the room more comfortable, but also to reduce it.

The smaller, the better

Color accents that enliven and transform a room must be placed very well, and there should be little different room will look like a traffic light.

How To Decorate a Living RoomThe same should comply with the measure in the texture, do not use too much fur, carpets, pillows, various ornaments. The bright, airy room will be quite a bright carpet, but in a small – large mirror in a beautiful frame.

In all personal preferences and ideas important to remember that every living not only reflects the design of the house, but the individuality of its owner. Approach the repair of apartments, and even more to repair the living room is very carefully, carefully, and in any case not in a hurry. By following these and other rules, you can easily get the living room of her dreams.

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