Tuesday , June 19 2018
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Preparing Interior of an Apartment in the Spring

Tips to Choose Bathroom Accessories

Spring is just around the corner, and in connection with this event, we recommend a spring cleaning that will help you tune in to the new season and the positive life changes. However, preparation of the interior in the spring requires a special sequence for your own convenience. And today …

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Learning Environments For Children In Small Space

World of children is magical and full of adventures. Interior designers, when designing training grounds for young children (kindergartens, schools etc.) should take into account the psychology of the child but also his physical values. Some of the salient facts regarding the interior design of learning area for children are: …

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Creative Small Space Living Solutions

Among the creative challenges of small space living is establishing multi purpose rooms. Living spaces that be used as home offices or small garages with laundry space may be easily accomplished with the proper selection of furniture, a wise layout and wise small room designing methods. Here are a few …

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The 5 Must-Do’s for Small Spaces

Design problems appear to take part in every home. From limited budgets, contrasting ideas, mismatched furniture & small spaces. There’s a brand new trend happening particularly in large, urban metropolitan areas, that’s, “Small Space, High Style.” A little space does not necessarily mean clutter and disorganization. It requires creativeness, ingenious …

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