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Interior Design of a Small Studio Apartment

The interior design of a small studio apartment of 40 sqm in Scandinavian style once again amazes me with its simplicity of clean lines. If you are lucky enough, like the size of the living space, for sure you are thinking, about how to “squeeze” out of a tiny apartment, a maximum of “selected” state space.

Since we have a Scandinavian style, therefore, the predominant color in the design of the interior – white. They painted the floor and ceiling. The walls are light – beige color and if you look closely at the photo, such a choice of colors the designer, not a chance. You and I know that the room is not large, it is preferable to make light colors. We can see that the color to paint the floor and ceiling, the designer chose white, “blurring” of their borders. And to use for the walls beige hue, as it would create a corridor effect, prolonging the small room, and diverting incoming look into the distance, through the open window.

With the techniques of visual increase of interior design studio sorted out now proceed to consider the details.

Living Room Design

Almost immediately after passing a small hall, we find ourselves in the living room. The biggest problem when working with small apartments, after the paint work is illusory to enlarge the room, kill the final result oversaturation of furniture.

Living Room Design

As you can see, the Scandinavian room, it is not threatened. It is a comfortable brown sofa in front of which is a white coffee table. Next, a dining table with chairs and capes of wool. That’s the whole set of simple furniture, the rest is given decor – pictures standing on the floor, guitar, antique sewing machine.

Bedroom Design

Bedroom Design

Bedroom design, I paid not more than three lines. Because it is no longer needed. It is very difficult to write a story about the bedroom, which consists of a bed, located in a niche. But even such a piece of flat, the designer has decided to make special: the wall behind the headboard – bare brick, decorated with two paintings.

Kitchen and Bathroom Design

Kitchen Design

Bathroom Design

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