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Easy Home Decorating Ideas for Small Rooms

Even though you live in a small house or have a few small spaces in your house to decorate, putting these easy home decorating ideas to work for you will still give your home style and comfort with a great look. This can be accomplished by planning carefully and making the most of the space.

Less is More!

The first step is to get rid of any clutter and pare down the number of knick-knacks and decorative pieces in your room. They can become overpowering and make a room appear cluttered. A home decorating idea for managing collectibles is to concentrate them in one area by displaying them on an attractive bookshelf. That way you will still have a few to exhibit that will no doubt become a center of attraction in your room.

Multitask Furniture

If you are like most people and have too much “stuff” and no place to put it, a home decorating idea to use in any room is to invest in furniture that can serve a dual purpose. For example, a coffee table with shelves or a lid that opens for storage, an ottoman that opens up for storage, or even a chair with a seat cushion that opens for storage are all available on the market today! Choose dining room tables with leaves that can be expanded so you can keep it small when you don’t need the extra space. When decorating small rooms, keep these ideas in mind!

Create a Social Conversation Area

In trying to gain open space in a living room, furniture is often moved to the edges of the room. Place a sofa and a couple of smaller chairs along with a small coffee table together in the middle or toward one end of the room to create a conversation area that provides warmth and comfort for the room. This area also provides a focal point for the room which is just as important when decorating small spaces.

By incorporating these simple home decorating ideas, living in a small home can be very comfortable and you can still enjoy the style and comfort in your home that you desire.

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