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Design Tips for a Small Bathroom

Regardless of which style you choose for the bathroom are small, as it was small, so small and will remain. At the same time, well-executed design of this room can bring tangible benefits. Even a small bathroom through the use of light and color, as well as visual illusions may be a result of a fairly comfortable and attractive part of your home. We now describe several effective techniques that will help your small bathroom to create the illusion of a spacious and roomy space.

The Color Scheme of a Small Bathroom

Due to the fact that the room is small, clear colors should be chosen light, and the main colors used are white, pastel and neutral shades. Some accents can be created by using bright colors and such colors can be used in a variety of accessories and a heated towel rail for example. And if on a light background arrange furniture in warm colors and some decorative elements like colors, a visit will look much more spacious and more comfortable. The extremes in the interior of a small bath is not allowed, and so too colorful and bright interior will seem tasteless, while the interior is too bright will look dull and featureless. To monotonous tone up not tired of your mind, you can use a combination of different bright colors. Must be said that the perception of the volume does not change if when you make use of neutral colors.

The Color Scheme of a Small Bathroom The Color Scheme of a Small Bathroom The Color Scheme of a Small Bathroom The Color Scheme of a Small Bathroom

Making the Ceiling, Floor and Walls in Small Bathrooms

During the finishing elements such areas should be given special attention, and much more will look this bathroom, where the floor and ceiling will be bright, and on the walls of her light will be laid ceramic tile. At the same time, you should not choose the same colors in the decoration of the walls and floor and ceiling for decoration, you can use many different technologies: it can be both tension and outboard, glossy or matte, and it can be used by stained glass items or graphic design . Due to the skillful play with light and shadow can achieve a unique effect.

For laying tiles, in principle, for the most blocks, also possible to apply a lot of different variants. For example you can make a general background light tiles, while some of the tiles in the clutch replaced by dark, allowing accents. Very good decoration bathroom design and will be mosaic, however, and large tiles can decorate just as good. And the less will be laid in the tile joints, the wall will appear more monolithic. Do not use in a small bathroom in the masonry tiles a complex pattern, since it would be difficult to consider and it will only create a sense of clutter.

Making the Ceiling, Floor and Walls in Small Bathrooms Making the Ceiling, Floor and Walls in Small Bathrooms

There is no need to design a small bathroom in use around the perimeter border of dark color, similar technique is preferred in the interiors of large baths. If the room is narrow, it is logical to be one of the long walls to the mirror, because such a method allows visually double the space in width.

Lighting of a Small Bathroom

By using the correct layout of the lighting in a small bathroom can also make sense of spaciousness. The most preferable to use a combined multi-level lighting, and mounted in the ceiling lights can always be focused in such a way that they will cover the other surface, for which coverage must be directed.
Right uniform illumination can be achieved location lighting in top and side lights on the edges of the mirror, and in addition, provide a good and natural light through the large windows in the ceiling or walls.

Choosing Plumbing for a Small Bathroom

Design Tips for a Small BathroomSince we are now, we are not a combination bathroom and an individual, however small, the bathroom, then as the plumbing components will perform the bathroom itself and sink. Large bath in a small room can not be installed because of this and because of the already small area will be even less. The most ideal solution would be to install a shower enclosure made of glass, so that the area of the room will seem smaller. And because the market is replete with a variety of modern sanitary engineering solutions, you can optionally be installed and combined version, consisting of a bath and a shower, but in this case it is best to use a clear glass flap. For smaller rooms such solution is simply irreplaceable. You can also try to locate a small bathroom corner bathroom fixtures, but whatever it was, necessarily need to spend additional waterproofing walls, near where you plan to have a bathroom, shower, etc. As for the sink, you should not choose too small sink and you can opt for a corner option, either partially positioned over a sink bath. A good solution for a small bathroom wall will sink under which you can always arrange a washing machine or a stand with multiple shelves. However, this shell will not help you mask the pipes and other plumbing items that you do not want to flaunt it.

Must be said that the small bathroom – it does not necessarily en-storey apartment block (about the design of these bathrooms can be found in more detail in the article, Bathroom Design in the Khrushchev). Such a small room may very well positioned in a private home, and if its arrangement to use the right approach, the design of a small bathroom is quite attractive. Enhance the visual area will sink made of glass, while playing the role of an unusual decorative element. As a rule, for the manufacture of these shells is used quite durable tempered glass, and therefore it is not necessary to show concern about the durability of this design. And if the glass is opaque, the optimal coloring for the sink and tub will be white, but you can use any other. The only condition – it should not be too bright and extravagant.

The Choice of Furniture and Accessories For Small Bathroom

In the small bathroom it would be best to limit the minimum and at the same time the most functional set of furniture. Needless to have such a room in a number of wall cabinets or shelves. Can be limited to a cupboard under the sink, cupboards or a pair of niches in the wall, and a few shelves of glass. You can also save space by using mirrors instead of the wall cabinet with mirrored door.

Design Tips for a Small BathroomIn any case it is not recommended dark furniture because it will conceal the space, and the best would be to use light furniture and warm colors. Visually increase the space mirrored furniture with shiny and smooth surfaces, and glass furniture, and since we are talking about a small bathroom, it will be better if the furniture will be suspended and wall. Thus both the cleaning will be much easier, and the interior is also easier. When choosing outdoor furniture preference should be given to this, in which there are high legs, allowing for a possible water leakage such furniture will remain intact. If there are niches in the bathroom, then they can be placed various lockers. It is not necessary but a small bathroom clutter the many different accessories and parts, and must remain in sight only the essentials: a towel, etc. The floor mat should be chosen to match the tile floor.

Do not forget that the accessories are not only fulfill the aesthetic function, but also carry a range of practical functions, and therefore completely excluded from the interior of them simply can not be.

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