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Design of a Small Apartment Bedroom

Bedroom apartment in the small size requires careful planning and even more careful design development. A large room with a similar purpose to furnish and equip a much easier as well to arrange the furniture a lot easier. A small bedroom – a special place, where in addition to comfort and relaxation should pay attention to quite a lot of furniture, as this space will serve as both dressing room, a bedroom and a sitting (in some cases, even an office). Consider the interior design in a three-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment, as these two (seemingly similar) rooms often have a different look and style of decoration.

In a two-bedroom apartment. If there is such a separate room, the design problems should arise. First of all, you should pay attention to the color of the walls. Experts recommend to create a bedroom interior with light (pastel) colors. Sometimes a combination of possible color shades or patterns (e.g., light and dark brown, green, yellow, and red hues, blue and cyan, etc.). Of course, the design of the bedroom should not differ from the general style of the apartment, but it should not be a copy of the second room. The ceiling should be made lighter with the opportunity to further his painting (if you want some time to make repairs and change the interior of the bedroom). Paul designers recommend to cover the laminate (if funds allow), as it is practical, durable and very comfortable.

Design of a Small Apartment Bedroom

As for the furniture, then there must be a start of a factor than you used the second room in the apartment. If this room, in the bedroom (besides the bed) should be put in wardrobe, which accommodates things to the whole family, as well as a desk and a computer. Decorate the room decor can be different from the paintings on the wall and ending with various statues and a variety of “Sweet Home Alabama.” If the location allows, in the room to put fresh flowers. If the second room in your apartment is a child, the bedroom (in addition to its main function) is still living. Thus, a double bed should be replaced with a sofa bed, as well as adding a room chairs, stools and wall (or some of its elements.) Things are many and they should be positioned so that they are not lying on the form. In any case, the design of the bedroom should think very well and carefully plan everything down to the smallest detail.

Design of a Small Apartment Bedroom

In a three-bedroom apartment. Here, the design bedroom design is much simpler, as the apartment has two more rooms, which shall serve as, respectively, equipped special furniture. In this case, the bedroom, “performs his direct responsibilities” as well as a place for recreation. As mentioned earlier, the interior of the bedroom should match the overall style of your apartment, but did not have a copy of one of the other rooms. Selection of color wallpaper – individual approach. Even if the designers recommend to make room in bright colors, and you want to see on the walls dark brown wallpaper with a lighter color – do not be afraid to experiment. Even if eventually they will stop you like – they can always be “embellish” the different elements of decor: paintings, natural or artificial flowers, crafts that will make you or your children with their own hands, and so on. The curtains should match the color of the room.

From furniture will be enough to put a double bed if space allows one or two tables (they may be replaced by a chest of drawers) and a wardrobe. Since the bedroom is also meant sitting adult members of the family, you must have a TV (for convenience, it is usually hung on the wall opposite the bed) as well as a table lamp or a sconce (if you suddenly want to read a book and a couple of puzzles to solve.) If the bedroom has a balcony, you can use it as a computer room.

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