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5 Tips for Instant Home Decor Style With Fabric

Many home decorating decisions deal with the big things in a room: furniture, flooring, wall treatments and lighting. After all these things are in place, you might find your room still doesn’t look quite like you want it. A great way to add instant home decor style is with fabric. Consider the following five tips to add a personal touch without spending too much money or time on any one room.


1- Add Pillows and Cushions to Every Seat

Perhaps the easiest and least expensive way to add a unique style to any room is the addition of pillows and cushions. Living room couches can hold plenty of throw pillows while kitchen chairs get a bright and cheery cushion of comfort. Simply tossing a pillow onto a chair or sofa will instantly boost your home decorating style.

2- Make Curtains More Than Just Window Covers

Many rooms have long, thick fabric curtains designed to keep sunlight, breezes and prying eyes out of your home. These can look wonderful in an elegant living room, but they lack some interest if you want to augment the home decor style. Add a unique valance at the top or even sew on some patterned trim and tiebacks for more color.

3- Colorful Fabric Throw Rugs Add Comfort and Style

Even if you have wall-to-wall carpeting in a room, you can add a colorful or patterned throw rug on top to increase the sense of style. These come in a wide variety of looks from old-fashioned rag rugs to classy silk knotted varieties.

4- Table Cloths and Runners Change the Feel of a Room

Bare wood or glass tables can bring a clean, minimalistic look to a room. Tablecloths and fabric runners instantly add warmth and style. Consider fine damask with satin fringe for an elegant dining room or a whimsical animal print for a child’s bedroom.

5- Throw Blankets Add Cozy Fashion

Living rooms, dens, libraries and bedrooms can all receive a splash of color and style with a simple throw blanket or afghan. These cost a very small amount of money for the amount of decoration they provide. Use one to curl up and watch TV or read a book or drape it artfully over the back of a chair for extra style.

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